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July 2017


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1960 Cummins 300 Diesel

Make an Offer!

Contact: John 508-776-0889                          Engine is in Hyannis, Massachusetts


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In need of rust repair & restoration.  Body has typical rust on the floors & lower quarters.  Roof panel appears only to be tack welded in place so removal would be clean.  All window parts & interior trim are with it as pictured, but not installed.  Engine is a T-214 that still turns by hand.  Tranismission is missing side cover since truck had a winch and PTO was removed.  Windshield has rust on the bottom inside channel.  Header over sindshield is solid.  A-Pillars are more solid than most, B-Pillars are rusted at the floor line. 

Truck is not titled but I can get a title at additional cost.  I also have three of four original seats & springs at additional cost if you are building an original truck.  I have other original parts available too. 

Price is $7500   Call Brian with questions   508-776-4415


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1972 Kaiser M543A2 wrecker, rotator has been removed and does not come with truck.

Vehicle is titled. Very good runner, new tires and brakes. $2500.00

Contact: Mike Murphy @ 774-328-1711                          Truck is in Rochester, Massachusetts


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XM580   1.5 Ton Trailer, Very Solid & Rolls Easy, missing tail lights & landing wheel crank handle.  Stored inside from 1982 to 2015. 

Manufactured by the Heil Company.      $1500.00 


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Northwestern Motor Company Airplane Tug:  Late Korean / Early Vietnam.  Very good original condition with great running Dodge flathead six cylinder.  Has all of the original parts with it.  Has the original seat.  New tires already installed on the front & the rears are in good condition. 

Great easy restoration project for a museum piece or parade use. $2500.00

Call Brian at 508-763-5332 or 508-776-4415



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M37 Bow Corners & Vertical Extensions.  5 complete sets or pieces sold individually.

  Good used condition.  Some surface rust & dings but will clean up nicely

Used take offs  $20.00 a piece. 

If you have something for sale let me know, and as always, thanks for stopping by


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